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About the SETI Alliance

Pedro Schmid

The Alliance of the Sustainable Energy Trade Initiative (SETI Alliance) is a coalition of businesses, think tanks, and governments that works to promote a scale-up sustainable energy goods and services through trade.

We envision a world in which the scale-up of green technologies reduces global warming and leads to broader energy access for the world’s poorest. Our mission is to reduce barriers to trade in green technologies through intergovernmental or multisectoral trade agreements, which can make these goods and services more easily available and more widely used. By expanding markets for green energy products, such trade agreements can help to mitigate climate change and break down energy access barriers for those in poverty. 

We aim to achieve our objective by engaging business leaders, government officials, academics, and activists to advocate in their respective spheres on behalf of the SETI Alliance’s mission. Our activities are supported and driven by the Alliance members, who create and participate in seminars, policy dialogues, and media and education events. We are non-partisan, with the exception of promoting our mission. The SETI Alliance was originally lauched in 2012 by the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, and since 2016 operates independently as a self-managed coalition.