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General Electric joins the SETI Alliance.

19. April 2016 - 12:44
Peter Brun

We are excited to announce that General Electric (GE), one of the world’s largest industrial firms, has become a member of the Sustainable Energy Trade Initiative (SETI) Alliance. 

GE is a 130-year old multinational corporation operating in many different industry segments including renewables, energy technologies, and transportation. GE has put in place an “Ecomagination” growth strategy to enhance resource productivity and reduce environmental impact at a global scale through commercial solutions. As a part of this strategy, GE is investing in cleaner technology and business innovation, developing solutions to enable economic growth while cutting emissions and water consumption, reducing the environmental impact of its operations, and pursuing strategic partnerships to create a cleaner, faster, and smarter tomorrow. 

In joining the SETI Alliance, GE is demonstrating its support for the use of trade agreements to help scale-up the deployment of clean energy technologies around the globe. 

Peter C. Brun, Managing Director of the SETI Alliance, said: “We are very pleased to have such a renowned industry player supporting our campaign for sustainable energy trade agreements including the Environmental Goods Agreement currently being negotiated.  GE is delivering many of the clean technology solutions for a more sustainable tomorrow. GE will help deliver the SETI Alliance message to policymakers that trade barriers for environmental goods and services must be tackled in order to offer more cost competitive and affordable clean products for the consumer.”  

GE will be joining the SETI Alliance as a supporting partner. Other current partners include companies such as Danfoss, Siemens AG, Suzlon, Trina Solar, and Vestas, as well as the Global Green Growth Institute, the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD), Wind Europe (former European Wind Energy Association), the Danish Wind Industry Association, and the Global Green Growth Forum. In sum, the SETI Alliance has more than 860 corporate supporters from all over the world, many of which are small- and medium-sized enterprises. 

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