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SETI Alliance in the News

Wednesday, 9. December 2015
Peter Brun

SETI Alliance in Borderlex bloc

From Borderlex. Peter Brun, Managing Director of the SETI Alliance, a Geneva-based coalition of interest groups promoting renewable energy told Borderlex: “There is still distance between parties on how to interpret the mandate of the negotiations.” He believes the declaration on EGA made at Davos in February 2014 gives members a clear mandate to work towards full tariff elimination, to go beyond an initial 54 APEC product list used as basis for the talks, and to apply the MFN principle. “Parties are still not aligned on these principles”, Brun deplores. “It’s problematic.
Wednesday, 9. December 2015
Peter Brun

SETI Alliance in Borderlex PRO

EGA negotiators have narrowed down the list of products covered to about 300 goods, down from an initial one of close to 600 established on the basis of 54 product categories designated by the Asia Pacific grouping APEC. Peter Brun, managing director of the SETI Alliance a pressure group on renewable energy, said that the list “is still quite significant in terms of [product] coverage”. Issues recently discussed reportedly cover the duty treatment of components used to produce goods - such as renewables of energy efficient devices - deemed environmentally friendly.
Monday, 5. October 2015
Peter Brun

SETI Alliance in the news: read Borderlex block

A ‘green goods’ trade deal under negotiation among a subset of World Trade Organization members has good chances of materialising by December this year. But the process of determining which good makes it into the list of liberalised goods is highly politicised. EGA will not likely give a significant boost to the ‘greening ‘of the global economy many call for, Iana Dreyer found out:
Thursday, 9. July 2015
Peter Brun

SETI Alliance in Windpower monthly on trade barriers and LCR's

Read this opinion piece by MD Peter Brun of the SETI Alliance in Wind Power Monthly: The wind industry lives dangerously when it builds factories in markets supposedly protected by trade barriers. The propensity of such markets to explode is well known. We must campaign to eliminate all environmental tariffs and local content requirements. Clich here to read the opinion piece:
Friday, 10. October 2014
Paige McClanahan

Siemens joins the SETI Alliance

Solar Server, 9 October 2014

The Sustainable Energy Trade Initiative (SETI) Alliance on October 8th, 2014 announced that Siemens AG (Stuttgart, Germany), a global powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering, has become the latest member of the SETI Alliance.