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Sign the SETI Charter

Paige McClanahan

The SETI Charter, detailing our vision & mission, is the basis for our broad alliance of individuals, companies, governments, academic institutions and international organizations.

The Charter of the SETI Alliance 

Representing a broad alliance of clean technology companies, governments, NGOs, and independent research institutions responsible for the expansion of world trade and development in clean energy goods and services, 

Facing the greatest challenges of climate change and food and energy security in the history of humankind, 

Acknowledging the need to adapt the way we produce and use energy in order to safeguard the health of our populations and the integrity and functions of the global environment, as well as long-term economic viability,

Realizing the need for unified action in addition to and in accordance with principles and our individual and collective commitments under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the World Trade Organisation (WTO), 

Desiring to promote the necessary scale up of production and use of clean energy, and therefore the expansion and enabling liberalization of trade in related goods, services and technologies beyond the achievements of tariff liberalisation reached during the Doha Round, to facilitate investment in the production and provision of such goods, services and technologies across international frontiers, to harmonize technical standards for clean energy technologies, to internalize the social and environmental consequences of current modes of energy generation and use, and to promote the wider diffusion of clean energy technologies

With a view to:

  • Attracting capital to accelerate growth of clean energy supply and use;
  • Ensuring energy policy at national and international levels enabling to a transition to a low-carbon economy;
  • Encouraging technology development and diffusion through trade and investment;
  • Securing the expansion and free choice of global supply chain sourcing; 
  • Promoting cooperation among governments to foster scale up and development of sustainable energy technologies

We the SETI Alliance members are calling for the urgent start of (bilateral, plurilateral, multilateral) formal negotiations to secure open, stable and transparent trade and marked conditions for the development of clean technologies with the aim of expanding global supply and sourcing of clean energy technologies at the lowest cost of energy.

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